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The Academy of Orotherapy provides a 2 month program in the field of Orotherapy for qualified individuals, where the Orotherapist can then seek out opportunities to work with pediatric physicians, dentists, pedodontists, Orofacial Disorder/TMJ treating dentists, and orthodontists for the benefit of their patients.
An Orotherapist is a Certified Exercise Trainer with advanced training in exercises to
assist health professionals in their treatment of adult or child  patients who suffer from facial muscular pain, headaches, abnormal swallowing, and even for patients that snore or have sleep apnea. An Orotherapist works with pediatric physicians and dentists to assist in the proper formation of the facial skeletal structures of the head and face, to enhance beauty and esthetics of the developing facial structures of children, and to prevent the child from developing future breathing problems when they mature into adults.  An Orotherapist also assists orthodontists in the retraining of abnormal swallowing patterns which cause an improper alignment of the teeth. This may help an orthodontically corrected bite and alignment of the teeth from relapsing back to an improper bite or into an open bite malocclusion after the orthodontic treatment has been completed.

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Enrollment Requirements

  • High School Diploma

  • Certification as a Fitness Instructor- Exercise Trainer

Please see:

Their training manual can be downloaded at their website.

Certification testing is performed at their website.

Payment of about $120 is paid for their certification after passing their certification test.

Other certifications from reputable fitness/exercise training programs will also be accepted.

(Please have a discussion with our director, Dr. Schames, before signing up for any other fitness training program.)

Orotherapy Program Information

  • 2 month (40 hour) program of Sunday mornings and some evenings

  • Attendance, attentiveness, and participation are required

  • Review of study materials in preparation for each lecture/seminar is required

  • No testing will be required, however, the director of the program reserves the right to withhold any certificate of completion from any participant if the director or other course instructors feels that the participant does not have adequate knowledge, comprehension, and appropriate skills to practice as an Orotherapist.


Non-refundable tuition for the 2 month program of $6,000 must be paid in full and in advance before entering the program.


The Academy of Orotherapy, or its director Joseph Schames DMD, or any of the instructors, do not guarantee or imply that the participant will be able to obtain a job working as an Orotherapist. It is up to each individual participant to seek out their own opportunities in the workplace.




Joseph Schames, D.M.D.

Dr. Joseph Schames has been the director of the White Memorial Craniofacial Pain TMJ Clinic for over 25 years, where he has instructed dentists, physicians, and Oral Myofunctional Therapists in the art and science of evaluating and treating orofacial pain disorders, headaches, TMJ disorders, and Sleep Apnea.



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